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Our Partners

Strategic relationships are an integral and consistent source of Penwood’s historical success. We have numerous partners, including our managed fund limited partners, operating partners, world-class service providers, and our team members. Our consistent achievements have been made possible through the foundation of a solid investment strategy supported by the tireless efforts of our closest partners, which we consider extended family.


Penwood was established to provide an opportunity for qualified institutional investors to access domestic supply-restrained real estate markets through focused, value-added investment vehicles. We are committed to understanding investor objectives so that we can design appropriate investment strategies and provide exceptional client service. As a result, Penwood and its partnerships are structured to maximize the alignment of firm, partnership, and
investor interests.

Operating Partners

Because of our experience, understanding, and investment focus on complex value creation investments, Penwood has been able to establish significant relationships with a select group of partners that provide local market operating expertise for development, leasing, property management, and disposition services. These strong, mutually beneficial relationships offer the right combination of specialized skills and knowledge to enable us to capitalize on acquisition and disposition opportunities in a timely manner.

Our operating partners also provide Penwood with initial insight into investment opportunities before they are subject to an open market bidding process. The pricing advantages of acquiring off-market transactions are very attractive and enable our funds to obtain more favorable pricing.

Service Providers

Similar to its operating partners, Penwood’s service providers—including legal, environmental, and engineering consultants, contractors, banks, auditors, and brokers—all provide expertise to support timely execution of any investment strategy. Each service provider brings a specialized skill to support the specific activities of Penwood’s focused strategy.

Team Members

Penwood is composed of investment professionals that are the best at what they do, are ethical beyond reproach, and are fun to be around. This composition is reflected in every facet of Penwood’s business. It helps make Penwood an enjoyable place to work, as well as a great business partner. We strive to interact with businesses that share the same characteristics, including limited partners, operating partners, and service providers.

Professionally, we refer to Penwood employees as a team. Informally, we are referred to as Penwoodians, which implies what we truly are: a family. Penwood rises above and our culture helps us execute our investment strategy in the most efficient manner possible.

In the words of a Penwoodian: “Penwood is ethical, proactive, and entrepreneurial with a focus on results. Penwood prioritizes discipline, diligence, and hard work, while promoting creativity, flexibility, and curiosity. Most importantly, we are a family, with genuine concern for everyone involved.”


Our investment expertise is our strength.

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Penwood's partnerships are structured to maximize alignment of interests.

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A highly focused investment strategy with a disciplined process.

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